display ikonDisplays play a vital role in digital signage and professional communication solutions. Therefore, it is important to obtain the right knowledge, before placing a large order on professional displays. As a result, we have differentiated our approach from others in the market. We advise and guide based on the needs of our dealers and customers, as we listen to their specific demands and wishes for the concerning project. InterSign provides assurance and safety on every project involving professional displays. Professional display installations often require a certain amount of attention when it comes to customizing the final solution to particular environmental conditions. I.e. the content always have to be visible, in relation to viewing angles and lighting  – and then there are often specific demands for the daily operation, power consumption, and noise level. InterSign is an industry leading expert in these fields and offers a wide range of professional displays that meet even the most demanding requirements, from industrial to consumer-oriented retail installations. InterSign provides counseling on specific projects and whether you are on the lookout for professional standard displays, touch screens, video walls, stretch displays, transparent displays, high brightness displays, extensive protection displays or large format displays, we are ready to help you.



• Professional displays from 32” to 98” • 16/7 to 24/7 operation • Multi-touch • Video wall • 350 – 2.500 nits


• Professional displays from 26” to 98” • 18/7 to 24/7 operation • Multi-touch • Video wall • 350 – 2.500 nits


• Professional displays from 15” to 65” • 16/7 to 24/7 operation • Multi-touch • IP 54 / IP 65 certified series • 250 – 700 nits



• Professional high brightness displays from 32” to 84” • 24/7 operation • Video wall • 2.500 – 7.000 nits


• Professional displays from 15” to 65” • 24/7 operation • Multi-touch • Video wall • White models available • IP 54 approved series (front/side) • 250 – 700 nits

Special displays

• Transparent displays • Ultra narrow video wall • Stretch displays • IP certified displays • Ultra high brightness displays • Large format displays